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Could your photography be be exhibited at the Novium?

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We are looking for local photographers to take part in a competition, the winners of which will have their pictures featured in the Novium museum, as it reopens.  CCDT is soon to launch an exhibition telling stories of the history of Graylingwell Hospital, and the pioneering work carried out there. The first ‘chapter’ of that story to be told in The Novium will be ‘Grow’ – a look at the therapeutic benefits and importance of horticulture and nature in the life of Graylingwell’s patients, and the benefits it brought to their mental health – we are looking for photographers to capture the relevance of that today. 

What we need from you

  • Consider your subject – the image must illustrate how we ‘grow’ as a person through interacting with nature, and learning new skills today
  • This could be taking exercise on daily walks or runs; working in the garden; farming or experiencing other hobbies/interests such as knitting, painting or acting
  • Send in your image to before 23:58pm on Sunday 17th January 2021 to be entered into the competition
  • Why not share details of the competition with friends and family who might be interested

The winning photos will feature in CCDT’s Novium exhibition.

Those looking to apply may benefit from advice provided by Graylingwell resident Sam Stephenson, founder of Page & Picture photography company:

  1. Use different perspective, (worms eye view / birds eye view).
  2. Get in really close to your subject, don’t leave a load of space around what it is your focusing on.
  3. Think about lighting, can you use flash creatively to give more impact? Shoot at different times of day for different lighting.

What is the Novium Exhibition?

In the display at the Novium, CCDT will be reflecting on the importance of nature now, and the therapeutic benefits of growing our experiences with the development of new hobbies and interests, connecting Graylingwell Hospital’s history with the current day. 

Wonderful photos of the work that the patients carried out at Graylingwell Hospital will be featured on the section of the exhibition that tells the story of the area’s past, as featured above.  Images that help us to better understand the landscape of the last century, and the important work that was carried out to support the mental health of more than 1,000 patients at any one time.  Photographers who prove successful in this competition will see their work featured on the section highlighting the relevance of that work in today’s life, particularly as many struggle with mental health challenges through the confinement brought about by Covid-19.

Please send all images for entry into the competition to The deadline for the competition is 23:58pm Sunday 17th January 2021. To find out more about the Graylingwell Hospital exhibition please click here.

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