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Wake up and smell the coffee!

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By Mike Pickering, Graylingwell Park resident

Once formalities to transfer ownership of Graylingwell chapel are complete work will start in earnest to deliver a community hub that truly reflects the size and diversity of the Graylingwell community. Respectable community facilities have been a long time in coming. It is six years since I moved to Graylingwell and the success of the community has been in spite of and not because of the promises of the developer to deliver such facilities. Now something BIG is really happening. A permanently manned, welcoming space with cafeteria and private spaces (and 21st century heating, a most important consideration, and doubtless, wifi and internet access also) , on everyones’ doorstep, is something every resident can be excited about. The Lodge and Roussillon Hall facilities, have proven the potential. The renovated chapel will be a magnet to many organisations and interest groups in Chichester and its surroundings who will want to take advantage of its private meeting rooms, its historic and green setting and of course its cafeteria.

Thank you the CCDT for making this happen!