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Graylingwell Chapel wins fund to secure project organiser & architect

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Chichester Community Development Trust has received £14,800 from the Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) to develop the plans for Graylingwell Chapel. The grant will fund a project organiser and an architect to develop the ideas that have come out of the chapel consultations.

We will shortly be recruiting a project organiser.  The project organiser will be charged with finding suitable architects, putting the job out to tender and selecting an architect to work with.  The project organiser will then work with the architect: they will look at the ideas, activities and plans for Graylingwell Chapel that have come from the public consultations, and create a number of architectural options for Graylingwell Chapel.  These options will be showcased to the community and interested organisations in Chichester to get their feedback.  This phase will be completed by March 2017.

We are extremely excited to have reached this next stage in the renovation and repurposing of Graylingwell Chapel into a warm, inviting, multi-purpose space that will serve the community both at Graylingwell Park and Chichester for decades to come.

Clare de Bathe, Trust Director, says, “Graylingwell Chapel will play an essential role in our community here. It is part of the identity and history of the area and the success of this project will impact on the sense of community for people living locally and have a positive impact on the local economy.  We are very grateful to have the support of the Architectural Heritage Fund to find a community-led solution for the repurposing of Graylingwell Chapel.  We look forward to seeing the outcome of this next stage.”

Tessa Hilder, AHF Support Officer, says “The Architectural Heritage Fund is delighted to support CCDT in developing its plans for Graylingwell Chapel.  We share CCDT’s conviction that this wonderful heritage building has the potential to be restored as a thriving community asset.  Our grant will support the trust in building their case for the project to help bring in the longer-term funding needed.”