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The aim is to convert Graylingwell Chapel to its new uses in a way that conserves and enhances its character. This will mean restoring its fabric to a level that makes it ‘sing’ again as a piece of architecture, and a place to nurture the spirit. 

The spaces chosen for the new uses have been selected for functional reasons, but also in a way that complements the feel of the chapel, and works with the logic of its original layout. The aim is to deliver a new heritage space that is warm, welcoming and comfortable; useful, practical and meaningful. A high quality of design is intended to be applied throughout.

The new structures within the chapel are designed  to sit within and alongside the building.  The design is contemporary, but it draws upon the history, in order to give the new restored building a character that speaks of the heritage, to the community. The nave of the former chapel will become the ‘front-room’ of the local community: a flexible, multi-purpose space that can be used for performances, film screenings, public meetings, be hired for events and so on. This is where people of all ages can explore and discover the rich history of Graylingwell. Its ‘default mode’ will be a space comfortably furnished, it will be a space to relax in, to meet and talk, to hold meetings and events.

The Chapel will offer a new café, meeting pavilions and the large main space for hire and use by all the community. This is the core aim of the Graylingwell Chapel project: making a space for a creative, cohesive community.

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