01243 537526 | Graylingwell Chapel, Graylingwell Park, Chichester, PO19 6BZ

The Chapel Café

This is proposed to be a new extension to the chapel. A café placed at the west end of the building is able to have large areas of glazing looking south, and to open out onto the attractive green space.

 Its position allows it to act as a ‘break-out’ space for larger events in the Main Space, and also enables those using the Main Space, the Meeting Rooms & the garden to get refreshments independently of one another. In addition to the everyday general use of the café, it was clear from the feedback received that, as a community facility, the café should also be used for community events. Most of these events are likely to take place outside of normal working hours, mainly during the evenings or at weekends. This would include activities such as group baking sessions and other community led activities. In addition to general use and community activities. The use of locally sourced products will help to set the Graylingwell Chapel café apart from other similar facilities and local suppliers will become actively involved to help educate, stimulate interest and provide providence to the products supplied. The local community gardens and Graylingwell Park and Lower Graylingwell will establish a ‘allotment’ to enable community volunteers to supply, fruit, vegetables and herbs for use in the café. 

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