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Hot off the press!

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We are pleased to announce that there are two new booklets on Graylingwell Chapel that shed light on the chapel and the history and human stories linked to it. They are available now online and hard copies will be available at the start of December from the marketing suite at Graylingwell and at the community hub and CCDT offices from January.

Graylingwell Chapel: A short introduction to its history

Coral's booklet on Graylingwell Chapel

Written by one of our residents, Coral Botteley, she explains the reasoning behind the booklet: “Graylingwell Chapel, a historic, Grade II listed building, will be  entering a new phase of its life in the not too distant future. So perhaps now is a good time to share a little of its history with you, to give you an understanding of its place in our community in days gone by and how it has evolved and will develop  as part of the Graylingwell community  in the 21st century.”

Graylingwell Chapel: Stained Glass and WWI

Katherine Slay's booklet cover Graylingwell Chapel

Our grateful thanks to Katherine Slay, West Sussex Records Office, for writing this wonderful booklet.  As she explains, “There are several stained glass  windows in the chapel. The first one  you notice as you step inside through the main entrance is the window at  the far end – the east end. This window  above the altar was originally plain glass, as were all the windows.”


Our grateful thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the start-up grant which has allowed CCDT to produce these booklets.

Heritage Lottery Funded