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Our community at Graylingwell Park is rapidly expanding with a mix of young families and retired couples from diverse backgrounds. When developing our plans for Graylingwell Chapel, a primary aim was to create a space that would bring our community together and provide something for everyone. To achieve this, it was important to find out what mattered to them and what their needs and aspirations for the site would be.

The planning process for the redevelopment of Graylingwell Chapel included an in-depth community consultation where ideas from children and adults, residents, stakeholders and community groups were sought and discussed. We aimed to build on the Chapel’s heritage to redevelop, refurbish and rejuvenate it into a warm and welcoming community space. As a multi-purpose facility it will meet an urgent local need for an affordable and accessible venue for the expanding population. When completed, Graylingwell Chapel will be a flagship community-owned multi-purpose facility, unique in its kind in the area, that strengthens the sense of belonging amongst the 2500+ residents on the estate and functions as a beautiful and historic hub for the area where family, friends and community groups can meet, perform, play and eat. It will play a pivotal role in delivering CCDT’s aims of “developing skills and supporting projects that create local opportunities, employment and community spirit”, and “improve the quality of life for all residents and the wider Chichester community”.

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