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Restore and renew

The creation of the new residential district in north Chichester has raised the issue of the need for new community facilities to serve this large new community.  The choice of the former hospital chapel building as the site for these facilities is a wonderful opportunity to create a asset for community use – one that restores and cherishes a listed building and that tells the story of people who have often been placed outside the community. 

The overriding intention is to convert Graylingwell Chapel to its new uses in a way that conserves and enhances its character as a listed building. The spaces chosen for the new uses have been selected for functional reasons, but also in a way that complements the aims to transform Graylingwell Chapel into a new heart for this large new community. The project aims to conserve the historic fabric of the chapel whilst sensitively converting it for mixed community uses. These uses should become an asset to the area, and more widely, helping to create an inclusive place to which people of all ages and backgrounds are drawn.  The intention is to incorporate exhibitions and interpretation about the history of the site and its association with mental health. 

The building’s programme will be all inclusive and cater for all ages of the community. By making a community visible to itself it becomes possible to help build that community and build resilience within it. This is the core aim of the Graylingwell Chapel project: making a space for a creative, cohesive community.  Graylingwell Chapel is the only remaining public building left on the hospital site and its historic close links to the well-being of patients alongside its architectural significance makes it an ideal location to convey the story of Graylingwell Hospital.

“Working in partnership with local people, agencies and stakeholders to improve the quality of life for all residents and the wider Chichester community.”

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Building the future with Pope Stevens

Ella Pope and Chris Stevens are the husband and wife team behind Pope Stevens Architecture, who are taking the exciting steps of turning the development of Graylingwell Chapel into reality. They are the project architects CCDT has commissioned from January 2021 to oversee the RIBA stage 5-7 phases of the project. As residents of Chichester for […]

Project Timeline

Project Documents for download

Design and Access Statement
Nov 2018

Interpretation Plan, Nov 2018

Activity Plan, May 2017

Building Survey, 2012-2017

“A permanently staffed, welcoming space with café and private spaces (and 21st century heating, a most important consideration, and doubtless, WIFI and internet access also), on everyone’s doorstep, is something every resident can be excited about.” – Local Resident

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